With the objective of Central Govt’s Swachh Bharat Mission towards achieving a clean and healthy India by 2019, installation of Sanitary Napkin Destroyer (Incinerator) and Napkin Vending Machines within the premises of girls and women hostels , schools, tribal inhibit areas, hospitals, bus stand, market place, apartments, public places , government  and private offices is necessary.


          We are getting immense pleasure to introduce our products.  These are wall mountable and burns the used sanitary napkins very quickly. It consumes lowest power. The designing and manufacturing is done under the guidelines of "UNICEF" & have Pollution Control Certification.



Initiatives to break the myths and social stigmas related to menstruration have led to the increase in use of sanitary napkins. Divine Enterprises is the 1st Regd. supplier for installing sanitary Napkin Vending Machine to meet the menstrual emergencies of every girl and women.

Sanitary Napkin Vending is the boon for every girl / women.  They can avail a napkin by drop of a coin.  This will prevent uncomfortable situation during an unpredictable menstrual emergency and also prevent absenteeism in schools & places where women are working or staying.


It is very embarrassing to dispose the USED SANITARY NAPKINS in India as we have proper disposal facilities.  Generally women wrap it in paper and throw it in toilets, dustbins or in open fields. As a result, stray animals pull it and throw it here and there.

This chokes the entire drainage system.  It is really sad see the poor municipal safaiwalas going deep inside the sewage tanks and remove it with their hands.  Everything goes against the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

Divine Enterprisers has a wide range of Sanitary Napkin Incinerator which help in destroying the used napkins in a most hygienic way by burning it completely and converting into "ash".  These Incinerators are a sign of relief for the girls and women to comfortably manage and dispose their menstrual wastes. Our range of products are wall mountable and consumes lowest power.

Homes are the place from where a minimum of 10 to 20 used napkins generated in each month.  So it is essential to install in every home to have a clean environment.  Divine Enterprises also provides Incinerators which can be installed in your homes which are small in size and can be installed in your bathrooms.